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About US

supplier for plastic injection tooling, plastic injection parts.

DongGuan BlueOcean Precision Mould Co., Ltd is a company which provide design and manufacturing for plastic injection tooling, plastic injection parts, CNC machining and prototypes.

Our business scope include: automotive accessories, consumer electronics, house appliance, office appliance, etc..

Since established in 2005, we have worked in the plastic injection mould manufacturing and parts production fields for more than 9 years.

Provide customers the best service and maximize customers' profits are our permanent targets.

Our detailed services are as follow:

1.  Plastic injection tooling:

Customers  need to provide the parts model ( 2D and 3D design ) and detailed requirements for the tooling, such as:  feed systems ( hot or cold runner ), tooling life requirements, tooling components standard requiremens ( China standard, or DEM, HASCO equivalent. )
All the tooling design and manufacturing work will be done by blueocean. 
We have advanced tooling design software and our engineers have rich experience for the tooling design and manufacturing.
Every Friday, blueocean will provide the tooling fabrication process report to customers with the photos of the tooling.   
In each tooling test, we will also provide the FAI dimension report within 3 days to customers for the checking.

 2.  Plastic injection molding:

Blueocean has plastic injection molding department also. We provide the molding service which need the injection machine from: 60 tons to 800 tons.
For the molding parts, we also provide the second operation work, such as the painting, chrome plating, etc..

3.   CNC Machining:

We manufacture a wide variety of products from critical high precision mold-making components to larger cast and stamped parts. We specialize in machining of alloy steels, and all types of stainless steel and aluminum alloys, and small assembly and fabrication of components.

4.   Prototype:

BlueOcean is your premiere source of a wide range of rapid prototyping services designed to enhance your product development cycle.
With a range of expertise including reaction injection molding ( RIM ), CNC machining, silicon molding, and low-volume injection molding, we are uniquely positioned to produce exceptional results for your products and company.

“ faithful, pragmatic, efficient, innovative” is the motto of our company.

Welcome customer come to our company for detailed business discussing.